Why Book With Us?

We are a group of local professional Tanzanian safari guides who collected our ideas and experience together to develop this company. We have been working in the field for a combined total of 4 decades. Our experience and passion show through, with attention to details that are season sensitive, you will get the most out of your time here. We know Tanzania and its many attractions because it is our neighborhood. Let us take you wherever you want to visit and show you everything you always wanted to see on Safari!

The decision of which team will guide you on the trip of a lifetime is not one to be taken lightly? At the end of the day we all need to consider cost, but the quality of service, the commitment to local communities and the environment are all weighty factors. Our experience helps give you the perfect balance. We want you to be satisfied each step of the way, from the planning process until it’s bon voyage.

You are looking for an unforgettable journey

and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Not each tour is right for everyone, and at the end of the day, you will know whether or not your guides have paid attention to your personal needs. Forget some of the other cookie-cutter safaris, we are all about a unique, meaningful, and worthwhile experience. You have the freedom and power to choose where you want to go and what you want to do, and we don’t charge extra for arranging it for you. Karibu-Sana

Comprehensive trip assistance

Let’s face it, preparing for a trip halfway around the world can be daunting. All of the information overload with what TO-do and what NOT TO-do, just relax and let us be your guides even from the start of planning your trip. We’ve done this before and we will work with you to iron out all the details, and to make the process so smooth and carefree that you’ll ease right into the tours. So, whether it is finding the best international airfare or travel insurance, and especially for the visa’s etc. to travel to and around Tanzanian, we’re here getting the nitty gritty details in order.

We Get the Full Value of Your Experience

Many companies find it tempting to cut corners. Reducing the amount of food on safari or on the mountain, decreasing salaries of the well-deserving crew (the hardest hit are the porters by the large companies), and limiting the game drives in the national parks to save on gas. Seems easy enough to cut the quality to maximize the profits, however, we detest such practices and see the value in treating you as a valued guest. The journey all of the way to a safari is not cheap, and you get what you pay for just like anywhere else. We will never sacrifice the quality of your trip over a few extra bucks. We will provide you the best service that you deserve to keep you enjoying your vacation.

Jack of one trade: Tanzania

We know Tanzania, and we specialize in Tanzania and East Africa. We know the nooks and crannies of the national parks with big chances of seeing wildlife, and the optimal viewpoints for sights of a lifetime. Logistics of your trip are critical, and through our experience in developing itineraries, it has almost become second nature to us. We know the people of Tanzania, the language, and the culture. We have a deep connection with the land and the people. Therefore, we hope that you will come to enjoy and appreciate the country as much as we do.

Time & Dedication

Being a small, family-owned company affords us some perks that other companies may not have. For one, this gives us the opportunity to give all guests the dedicated service they deserve, both before, during (and even after) their journey. We enjoy this because we get the chance to develop a relationship with people who visit our country which means a lot to us. As a result, you benefit from a completely individualized, unique experience, while we gain new friends in the process of developing (and fulfilling) that experience.

A Commitment To Keeping Things Fun

We believe that life is truly worth living, and we’re so glad you are planning on doing something as fulfilling as traveling to Tanzania. We know that the experience doesn’t just begin once you’ve landed here in Africa, but from the day you start planning your trip. We would like you to enjoy working with us, developing your itinerary and exploring all exciting possibilities and unique places you can visit and discover. When it’s all said and done, it’s about the journey as much as the destination.


To trust somebody enough to travel half way across the world, and to trust somebody to guide you, takes work. We understand that we have the burden of proof; we must earn your trust. We take this to our hearts because we believe every traveler should do their research before they make their decision.

Attention to detail

They say the devil is in the details, and if he’s there we’re going to find him! Logistically planning these trips requires a good deal of experience and know-how to make sure you are at the right place, at the right time (to see and do all the right things, of course). The pesky details in this process are the key, and we have them all in check!

At your beck and call, whenever, wherever

We like to be on-call in case you have any urgent issues before your trip or especially in the case of any emergencies before, during and after your trip. That’s why we give you our personal phone numbers, both in the US and in Tanzania. Furthermore, we encourage you to call us at any time. We are available 24/7 to assist our customers like you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

More bang, less buck

We are sure for what is included in your trip, the personalized service, the comprehensive trip planning, and the unique experiences offered, that we believe we provide the highest value of safaris and Kilimanjaro climbs available. No matter what your budget is, we will work with you to develop a package that suits your needs and budget. Simply contact us and let’s get to it!

The icing on the cake

Some say it’s frivolous, but we think it’s the best part. Your luggage arrives late, and on your second day on Mount Kilimanjaro you find that it appears. It’s your birthday, and a cake to celebrate is a must. We always try to do these little things to make your trip just that much more memorable. Maybe for others that’s extra, but for us it’s standard!

Meet & greet services

If you are coming as a guest to our country, there is no way we will ‘leave you on your own’ to find your way to Arusha or Moshi. It’s a foreign country and you are coming as a guest. We find it appalling that some companies find this as ‘extra’. All of our safaris and climbs are 100% escorted, meaning we will be there for you as soon as you arrive at the airport as well as when you have to depart to return back home.

Tanzania Safari Specialists

All our tours are designed to give you a unique experience of the Tanzania safari product. Our guides are well trained, very professional, and adhere to the the highest ethical standards. Under our guidance, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience in Tanzania.

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