Trekking up the mountain, "pole pole".

Ascending on the snow

Camping along the route

Victory, at Uhuru Peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

Please Note: Routes involving trekking through the western breach are currently closed due to safety reasons.

  • Marangu Route

This is the most popular of the routes, dubbed as the ‘Coca Cola Route’, ascending from the eastern slopes. It is the only route to offer accommodation in mountain huts. Spending an extra day at Horombo hut for acclimatization is highly recommended.

  • Machame Route
    Machame is a challenging but a very scenic route. It is one of our most popular routes, ascending from the western slopes. This route is dubbed as the ‘Whisky route’.

Trekking on this route is rather strenuous and requires some rock scrambling. However, the ascent is rather gradual unlike that on Umbwe. A 7-day trek is recommended with an extra day at either Karanga Valley or Shira Hut.

  • Shira Route
    This is a scenic but less popular route, as the track leading to Shira hut is a long one and not in a very good condition. Walking is relatively strenuous but this route is easier to acclimatize on due to the climbs and dips. On the acclimatization day at Shira, there are sidetracks leading to the Shira Cathedral & Shira needle.

(Shira route via Western breach is currently closed for safety reasons. However, the route via Barafu Hut is available).

  • Rongai Route
    This is one of our increasingly popular routes, involving a complete mountain transverse beginning from the north eastern slopes of the mountain near the border with Kenya. The trek is better than Marangu and very scenic. Whilst the most popular option is a 6-day trek, a 7-day trek is frequently recommended as it gives one the opportunity to acclimatize better.
  • Lemosho Route
    Not as popular as Machame, this route also ascends the mountain via the western slopes of Shira plateau. There are some challenging areas and some rock scrambling involved, but this is one of the most scenic routes. The route is rather strenuous but the ascent is gradual. It is recommended for people with above average levels of fitness.
  • Umbwe Route
    This is the steepest, most strenuous, albeit most direct route to Uhuru peak. Altitude gain on this route is quite rapid. This route is only recommended for more experienced trekkers provided they avoid ascending too quickly (at the moment, as this route involves trekking via the western breach – it is currently closed).

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