A land of many splendors, untamed beauty, and riotous wildlife

“The views were immensely wide, everything that you saw made for greatness and freedom and unequalled nobility…”

Karen Blixen, ‘Out of Africa’.

The vast and beautiful country of Tanzania, located between the shores of Lake Victoria and the shimmering Indian Ocean, is world-renowned for her abundance of wildlife and fabulously unspoiled vistas. It is also home both to the exotic spice island of Zanzibar and the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, which, at 5,896 meters, is the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Some 100,000 sq km of Tanzania’s area is devoted to her national reserves. Among the better known are the endless plains of the Serengeti, host to the global marvel of the annual migration, and the massive wilderness of the untamed and largely undiscovered Selous. Finally there is the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, the enthralling Ngorongoro Crater.

There are plenty of African countries where you can go on a safari, but there are several things which make Tanzania unique.

Safari Reasons

  • The world Famous Great Migration in the Serengeti
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Mountain Kilimanjaro
  • Wildlife – Untouched and uninhibited: Other famous safari countries overpopulate their national parks with accommodations.This drives away much of the precious wildlife.
  • Tanzania’s national parks are not only larger, but there are several restrictions with the amount of accommodations that can occupy a given territory. In addition, the country is very strict in preserving their natural resources; theydon’t allow off-road driving in sensitive areas of the national parks and one must stay on the trail (however, in certain very remote areas of the Serengeti, going off-road is permitted).
  • Furthermore, Tanzania maintains its national parks as natural as possible. They do not have cement-paved roads as they do in South Africa, which preserves the natural habitat of these Also, it gives a more authentic feel to the safari, what is a safari without a little dust trailing in the wind and a few bumps to go over.  (We think that’s just part of the fun of it all!)
    It has the most extraordinary area and number of national parks compared to other African nations.
  • Comfortable weather and year-long game-viewing

Social Reasons

  • Peaceful and unified nation
  • Culture: over 120 tribes are present
  • In desperate need of investment, Tanzania is needless to say one of the poorest countries of Africa. Several foreign companies have exploited the country for its many resources. This has resulted in a country depleted of financial resources. Through this safari experience, you are also promoting much needed business and cash flow in the country. As a company, we also institute proper business practices to ensure that the wealth is properly distributed.
  • There is no country that rivals the safety and stability of Tanzania.

It has never had a civil war and there are little to no tribal conflicts, as opposed to other countries like Kenya. It has over 130 tribes living in the country (often fleeing turbulent areas like Kenya). The main unifying factor among all Tanzanians is the language of Swahili (instituted by the first President of Tanzania- Julius K. Nyerere).

Tanzania has not actively been at war with any country since its invasion by Idi Amin of Uganda in the 1980s. The standing military of Tanzania is often used by the UN for peace keeping missions in the neighboring turbulent countries of East and Central Africa. For instance, their military has been used by UN in the recent Rwandan genocide, several missions during Idi Amin’s regime in Uganda, the civil war in eastern Congo, and the ongoing issues in Burundi.

Tanzania also has the largest refugee population of any country in Africa (mainly from Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo) and is actively incorporating these people as citizens to save them from the tragic situation in their homeland. The only area in the country that may get some tensions is the island of Zanzibar, but the flare-ups are few, not severe, and mostly occur only around election time.

The East African nation of Tanzania has become an increasingly popular destination for visitors around the globe. For 12 years, Open Africa Safaris (OAS) has been providing outstanding tours to some of the greatest sights in this vast, fascinating, beautiful and intriguing nation.

Tanzania boasts some of the greatest parks in Africa and our safaris cover the incredible sights of the Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Ruaha and Selous. Here, you not only have memorable encounters with the ‘Big 5’ safari animals but also meet a host of wildlife that includes incredible and striking bird species.

As the ‘cradle of humanity’, East Africa is filled with evidence revealing the origins of man. In places like the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you have the chance to visit remarkable archaeological sites. At Olduvai Gorge, for instance, archaeologists have found stone tools, fossils and even hominid footprints preserved in volcanic ash.

Open Africa Safaris are also keen to showcase the present-day life of this peaceful, democratic nation by offering Cultural Safaris to explore the diverse traditions, crafts, languages and settlements of Tanzania’s 45 million citizens. Tanzania is a melting pot of cultures resulting from generations of migrations, and occupational and trading exchanges. This fusion has resulted in a rich and distinctive culture which can be experienced in food, music, language and customs of the country.

Tanzania has areas of outstanding natural beauty, ranging from unspoiled beaches to dense forests. Perhaps the most famous natural phenomena is Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point, and one of our most thrilling excursions to the breath-taking sights of Tanzania.

Tanzania is country so wealthy that it would practically take years to document all the resources. Not only is the country proud to bear witness to the highest and largest free standing mountain in the world, but also has rich and diverse wildlife concentrations, mineral and other natural resources available. If Africa’s tourism opportunities were to be summarized by one single country that country would be Tanzania!

Visit Tanzania For :

1.   Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris:Tanzania takes pride in the huge numbers of wildlife spread all over the country; each of these display their own characteristics particular to the ecosystem.

With Tanzania’s national park and game reserves located so remotely such as in Selous and Mahale Mountains, Open Africa Safaris guests have the opportunity to view one of Africa’s few resources preserved by nature and almost untouched by mankind. Tanzania’s rich biodiversity can be estimated by taking into account the following: 3000 lions in the Selous, regular sightings of African Hunting dogs in Ruaha extinct in most of the other parts of Africa, chimpanzees in Mahale and Gombe in their natural habitat, circumambulation of a million wildebeests in the Serengeti and the list goes on!

Visiting Tanzania On A Wildlife And Nature Safari Ascertains A Once In A Lifetime Experience Unlike Anything Guests Have Encountered.

2.  Specialized Chimpanzee Safari Program:Tanzania hails the great majestic mountains of Mahale, home to hundreds of chimpanzees. Guests visiting Tanzania can undertake a specialized Chimpanzee trekking safari to the south western national parks of Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream.

Visit Tanzania And Undertake A Specialized Chimpanzee Safari.

3.    Active Adventure:Climb the “Natural Wonder Of The World”. Being easily accessible, Mount Kilimanjaro has been the dream of many athletes and adventurers who wish to experience reaching the roof of Africa. The variety of routes suited for varying lifestyles makes Mount Kilimanjaro a must-climb for people who want to experience nature or view these ecosystems and terrains.

For those ready to take up the challenge, opportunities exist to make it all the way to the top with the help of professional and certified guides and porters. If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t a thrill enough, Open Africa Safaris guests can trek up Ol Donyo Lengai- Mountain of God, which remains an active volcanic mountain to-date. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life was filmed at Ol Donyo Lengai – Mountain of God.

Experience Authentic Adventure, Filled With Fun Like Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, A Possibility For Most Any Individual.

4.    Indian Ocean Beach Vacation:Open Africa Safaris (OAS) guests can take time out from their busy schedule to enjoy a real vacation far away from anything they normally do. Tanzania’s multiple Indian Ocean islands provide guests the opportunity to select their beach spot just the way they prefer it. Considering that less than a million visitors come to Tanzania over a given year, guests can be assured their experience remains personalized and private. While in Zanzibar, sitting out on the soft white sandy beach under a palm umbrella, watching the sparkling turquoise blue waters will leave you mesmerized.

Visit Tanzania And Have The Option To Select From The Islands Of Zanzibar, Pemba And Mafia Or Visit The Coastal Shores Of Tanzania To Experience A Relaxing Beach Vacation.

5.    Eco-Tourism Experience:More increasingly our guests are asking us for a genuine African experience vacation- An African experience that is run by indigenous people of Africa in an environment where you stay at accommodations built by indigenous people of Africa. Also, the revenue from your spending directly assists the indigenous population and helps them be self-sufficient and self-reliant. Apart from visiting the Maasai homesteads, take for example the experience at Chumbe Island where the accommodation has been designed in natural material. Food served comes from the freshest produces. While guests staying there have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, they also get to learn about the lodge’s efforts in preserving and sustaining the islands ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Come Visit Tanzania And Experience What The Country Is Doing To Preserve The Environment While Creating Superb Tourism Opportunities For Open Africa Safaris (OAS) Guests.

6. Historical Experience:Walk in the footsteps of great explorers and adventures that once roamed Tanzania. Visit the exact spot in Ujiji, south-western Tanzania, where centuries ago the phrase “Dr Livingstone I presume” was uttered. Visit Zanzibar and Bagamoyo and learn about slave trade history and its effects, or Kilwa where incredible ruins still exist.

7.    Cultural Experience:Tanzania’s varying tribes and cultures provide an excellent opportunity for guests to encounter other ways of life, rites and rituals. Guests visiting various parts of the country, such as the Usambara Mountains, can take a tour of the local communities. They can also visit Zanzibar and interact with the Zanzibaris participating in their day-to-day activities. Also, in Zanzibar guests have the opportunity to undertake a ‘spices tours’, which will liven up their senses with sweet smelling aromas of the various plants used in our food today.

Visiting Tanzania Definitely Adds A Whole New Perspective To The Human Experience.

8.    Marine Experience:Tanzania’s offers an underwater paradise for marine enthusiasts visiting Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar, with many interesting reefs featuring shallow rocky areas that suddenly drop off into vertiginous crevasses, 40-meters deep. With steep walls covered in colourful sponges and Gorgonia, divers will find such diverse life as Brittlestars, Langoustines, and Moray Eels. Some reefs are like undersea mountains, wreathed with seaweeds and corals, and teeming with colourful fish.

Tanzania Provides A Wonderful Opportunity To View The Diverse Marine Species In Various Locations Within One Country.

9.    Relaxation, Peace and Pristine Beauty:Tanzania offers peace and relaxation program where guests can take off to remote places like Kigoma, located on the shores of the great Lake Tanganyika, and spend their days in the comforts of their room gazing at the majestic vistas of the lake and further. They can also visit remote islands of Mafia where they can have rooms facing the ocean. Guests can relax and enjoy the warm Indian Ocean breeze and spend the best moments of their life in Africa.

10.    Eight Wonder Of The World:If all the above reasons have not made you certain that Tanzania is the place to visit, the presence of Ngorongoro Crater, the undocumented “Eight Wonder of the World” should change your mind. Sit back and relax in the comforts of your lodge balcony and view the incredible awesomeness of the crater.

Geography, history and culture:

Tanzania is the largest East African country, covering an area of 945,203 square kilometres. The country, lying just south of the Equator, is a land of amazing natural contrasts: from the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to the endless plains of the Serengeti and the unspoiled beaches of Zanzibar archipelago, one can find it all!

The country is home to immense cultural wealth; archaeological evidence shows a long history that dates back to the origin of mankind. It was in Olduvai Gorge, situated in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, that early man’s remains were first discovered. Culturally, many areas of the country have for a long time been meeting points of different cultures, giving the country an amazing cultural wealth.

Tanganyika gained independence in 1961, and Zanzibar did so in 1963. In April 1964 both signed a Union Treaty to become the United Republic of Tanzania.

The population density of Tanzania is low, its inhabitants being approximately 33 million (the population of Zanzibar archipelago is only 1 million). These 33 million comprise of people of three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Tanzania is basically a rural country, with agriculture and cattle herding being the main sources of income. However, for the last two decades, tourism has become an economic activity in many different areas around the country.

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